Leesburg Commercial And Civil Litigation Lawyers

In Leesburg and throughout Northern Virginia, the civil and commercial litigation lawyers of Sevila, Saunders, Huddleston & White bring decades of combined trial experience to the protection of your rights in state and federal court.

Disputes can arise for a wide variety of reasons — when a business partner reneges on an agreement, or a noncompete or nondisclosure clause is breached, a simple estate administration becomes a heated family disagreement in probate court or an insurer refuses to negotiate an appropriate damage settlement award for an accident personal injury victim.

In these situations or any condition that may lead you to a courtroom, the SSHW law firm aggressively safeguards your interests. Contact us in Leesburg to arrange an initial consultation.

Loudoun County Contract Dispute Attorneys — Quality Advocacy Since 1974

SSHW litigation lawyers excel at achieving courtroom resolutions for lawsuits centering upon an individual or company's allegations of:

  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of fiduciary fraud
  • Business fraud
  • Debt collection

We also work hard to resolve civil disputes between individuals and family members in these practice areas:

SSHW Leesburg commercial litigation lawyers conduct in-depth investigation, thorough case preparation and persuasive presentations before judge and jury when your rights, reputation and business fortunes hinge on the outcome of a trial.

Additionally, our clients receive sound advice on risk management and litigation avoidance when a battle is simply not worth fighting — when advantages are outweighed by the accumulation of financial, emotional, time and energy investment in a court battle.

Learn more about how our SSHW litigation team can help put your legal crisis behind you, in and out of court. Contact us to discuss your issues in a confidential initial consultation.