Leesburg Land Use And Zoning Lawyers

Experienced, Knowledgeable Loudoun County Subdivision Attorneys

Land use and zoning primarily deal with the process of modifying existing zoning and land use in order to build, improve or use real property.

At the real estate law firm of Sevila, Saunders, Huddleston & White in historic Leesburg, our skilled and knowledgeable zoning lawyers have extensive expertise in preparing, submitting and advocating various land use applications.

For example, we have worked closely and directly with staff and leaders of local governments and planning commissions. We are deeply involved and invested in various aspects of the community. Most importantly, our attorneys assess the big-picture view of the application and develop strategies that best serve our clients and neighborhoods.

We advocate for your interests beyond the process as well, while providing services such as development of agreements, contract negotiation and document preparation. Our experience and relationships with businesses and municipalities enable us to efficiently guide land use applications to their optimal outcome.

At SSHW, our experienced Leesburg real estate lawyers have provided quality representation to land use, zoning and variance clients since 1974. That commitment to excellence continues with our dedication to your specific, unique goals, beginning with your initial consultation.

Contact our Leesburg land use and zoning attorneys to discuss your objectives in detail and in confidence. We can be reached by local or toll free call, or by email.