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January 2016 Archives

Proximate cause: Getting a DUI without even driving

Though many of today's readers care little about criminal cases in other states, a very unique one out of New York this month may just give you pause. That's because the case deals with a legal theory that very well could be applied here in Virginia. If so, anyone in a similar predicament to the man in this particular case could find themselves facing steep criminal charges for which they may not feel they are responsible.

Father not allowed to pay child support in lump sum

Before the billion-dollar Powerball drawing that took place recently, many of our readers surely spent some time fantasizing about what they would do if they won that kind of money. Readers probably know that lottery winners get the option of getting a lump-sum payment or a regular series of payments for several years.

Is driving after taking a prescription drug illegal in Virginia?

Like many of our surrounding states, Virginia now recognizes the benefits of medical marijuana, which is why our legislature last year passed a house bill that now allows a very small percentage of residents access to medicinal cannabis. But while this new law affects only a small number of people, they all potentially face a serious predicament down the road.

MADD pushing for tougher punishment for affluenza teen

The term affluenza has never meant anything to anyone until it was first used in a 2013 case in which a then 16-year-old boy was accused of driving while intoxicated and subsequently vehicular manslaughter. As some of our Leesburg readers may remember hearing from national reports, the term described the young man's actions. The defense successfully argued that because of his privileged upbringing, he did not know right from wrong and should therefore not be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

How is a small business' value determined during divorce?

Though most business owners have some idea of what their company is worth, they likely do not have a firm dollar figure in mind. Getting a valuation of your business has many possible functions, from estate planning to getting a fair price on a sale. It can also be a vital task if the owner or one of the partners is going through divorce.

Virginia Beach's divorce rate rose the highest since 1970

Back in 1970, divorce was fairly rare in Virginia, and indeed in the rest of the country. Since then, changes to the law, increased job opportunities for women and improved societal attitudes toward divorce has made it much more common. Some experts contend that about half of all marriages in the U.S. now end in divorce, though this figure is in dispute.

Is it possible to get a first-time DUI expunged from your record?

Imagine that you are a young person who is facing your first drunk driving charge. Though you're not fluent with the law, you do know that a criminal conviction can have a very severe impact on your life. In many cases, it can impact everything from entrance into college, seeking employment or getting access to affordable housing.

Is divorce on the horizon for you in 2016?

Statistically, many individuals or couples put off divorce until after the holidays. In fact, in Leesburg and elsewhere throughout Loudoun County, January is the month when the most divorces are filed. It’s difficult to say with certainty why January seems to be such a popular month, but many speculate that it is closely linked to bringing in a fresh start with the new year.

Recent holiday arrests serve as warning for New Year's holiday

This can be a fun time of year, when one holiday comes after another. Where there is fun there is often alcohol, such as at a Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year's Eve celebration. To Virginia police, those alcohol-serving festivities translate into a need for more aggressive DUI enforcement throughout the state.

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