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What is worse: divorce or staying together for the child's sake?

When Virginia couples decide to end their marriage, they may be concerned about how the split will affect their children. This is with good reason, as a divorce affects every member of the family, not just the spouses. Some parents may think they are better off putting the divorce off or even staying in an unhappy marriage for the sake of the children. However, staying together for this reason, rather than divorcing, can have a negative effect on the child.

We can help clients create workable child custody plans

Parents in Virginia who have divorced may have found that despite their break-up, they still must communicate and cooperate with one another so that they can raise their child in a healthy environment. Whether this means making sure drop off and pick up times for custody exchanges or visitation periods are followed, ensuring that their custody holiday schedule is honored or communicating if the child is sick or having trouble at school, when parents divorce they will still have to stay in contact, at least minimally, for the sake of the child.

Plan ahead for your holiday child custody schedule

The holiday season is quickly approaching. Halloween has passed us, and Thanksgiving and the winter holidays will be here before we know it. For divorced parents, this means setting up a holiday child custody schedule or reviewing an existing one. This step is best done well before the holidays, as making a last-minute decision can cause pressure and conflict. Parents do have choices, however, about how they want to celebrate the holidays with their child.

What are some benefits to child custody mediation?

When it comes to divorce, even parents in Leesburg that don't get along may want to try to resolve their differences in a manner that protects their child as much as possible. For these parents, child custody mediation might be one option to consider. There are several reasons why parents getting a divorce may want to try child custody mediation before heading to the courtroom.

Shared parenting after divorce benefits children

Most parents in Leesburg going through a divorce want to shield their child from any negative effects of their separation. And, despite any their misgivings, they may wish to put their issues aside and cooperate for the sake of raising their child post-divorce.

Looking for a child custody alternative? Try 'nesting'

Virginia parents who are divorcing may assume that the obvious, and indeed the only, choice they have is to establish two households, wherein the child will shuttle back and forth between, depending on which parent has custody or visitation at the time. That being said, parents getting a divorce also want to minimize the stress the situation causes their child. For this reason, some parents are adopting a rather unconventional child custody arrangement: nesting.

Attorneys are prepared to address your child custody issues

When married parents in Virginia divorce, or unmarried parents break-up, it not only significantly impacts their lives -- it means big changes for their child's life too. After a divorce or break-up, children must get used to living in two separate households and only being in the care of one parent at a time. This can be very stressful for a child to get through, even if the divorce or break-up is amicable. Therefore, most parents in these situations want to see that their child's best interests are protected.

Custody decisions made during divorce can change your life

We all understand the stresses associated with divorce. It seems like there are countless decisions that need to be made including property division, possible spousal support or alimony, and if children are involved, child custody and child support.

Parents can help their kids cope with divorce

As we go through divorce, we do everything we can to try to make it easier for our children. We do our best to keep the lines of communication open and watch to make sure there are no negative effects on our kids. Although there is no way to completely shield them from the ups and downs of divorce, we can give them some helpful tips along the way.

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