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When can a Virginia court deviate from child support guidelines?

Like other states in the nation, Virginia has statutory guidelines for calculating child support. However, every person's family and economic situation is different. Therefore, it is possible to rebut the presumption that the guidelines will be followed.

Parents may need legal help for their child support issues

While it may take a village to raise a child, in the end, it is the child's parents who are responsible for financially supporting the child. And, as Leesburg parents know, it takes a significant amount of money to meet a child's needs. A baby may need diapers and formula, older children may be constantly outgrowing their pants and shoes, there may be soccer games or ballet lessons to pay for, college savings accounts to be funded, and some kids seem to have a hollow leg when it comes to how much they eat. What it comes down to, is that providing a child with a well-rounded childhood means spending a significant amount of money.

Child support includes meeting child care obligations

Some couples in Virginia decided, while married, that one of them would stay out of the workforce in order to care for the family. Other couples decide that having both parties working is the best choice for them. In either case, after a divorce, a child's custodial parent may find that they have to hold down a job in order to provide for themselves and the child. When this happens, the custodial parent will have to seek out child care for the child. However, how do child care costs affect the amount of child support the noncustodial parent pays?

Child support enforcement in Virginia

For many divorcing parents, getting a child support order is only the first part of the battle. At some point, the parent who is supposed to pay the child support may stop paying. If this happens to you, you do not have to just accept that. There are several avenues for custodial parents in Virginia to collect unpaid child support.

What happens if I stop making child support payments in Virginia?

There are many reasons why you may be asking the question posed in this headline. Maybe you have hit a financial obstacle that makes it exceedingly difficult to keep up with child support; maybe your ex has told you that missing a payment will mean that you don't get to see your kids anymore; maybe you simply don't want to pay child support anymore.

Changes in income affect child support

Virginia residents may be curious about how changes in the income of a former spouse may affect their child support responsibilities. There are many factors that contribute to a child support decision, but the payments are often simple calculations based on each parent's income adjusted for the amount of direct care each parent provides to the children after the divorce. A change in the circumstances of either parent can trigger an adjustment in child support expectations.

How divorced parents may pay for a child's sports dreams

Many Virginia parents want their kids to dream big. However, if they dream of being Olympic champions or even just getting to higher levels in their chosen sport, parents may find that the costs increase. If the parents are divorced, paying the additional coaching and lesson fees can be very difficult.

What to know about wage garnishment in Virginia

A wage garnishment is an order for an employer to withhold a certain portion of an employees paycheck. The money that is withheld goes to a creditor, a tax authority or any other entity that is owed money. Typically, wage garnishment is used to repay tax debt or other debts owed to the government. Wage garnishment is regulated in part by Title III of the Consumer Credit Protection Act.

Child support and credit in Virginia

According to NPR, Americans owed over $113 billion in child support in 2015. Typically, child support debt is reported to credit agencies by the agency responsible for collecting the debt. Therefore, failing to pay could have consequences for an individual's credit report and score. This also means that paying child support on time could improve an individual's credit situation.

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