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Does genetics play a role in the likelihood of divorce?

Given the many complexities and experiences in any given marital relationship, it is no surprise that there are many things that go into a couple's decision to end their marriage. People in Virginia contemplating divorce may be musing over what actions or inactions lead to the demise of their marriage. One study, however, suggests that genetics may play a role.

Protect your assets in the event of a divorce

Premarital agreements, also known as prenuptial agreements, can be helpful for many soon-to-be wed couples in Virginia. If one or both partners is coming into the marriage with significant assets or has their own business, a premarital agreement can address who will keep these assets in the event of a divorce. Even couples who are starting out in their marriage with few assets of their own can use a premarital agreement to lay out who will get what with the assets they intend to purchase during the course of the marriage. However, for many reasons, not every couple executes a premarital agreement prior to walking down the aisle. Fortunately, there are still ways these couples can protect their separate property while married, just in case the marriage doesn't last.

What will a court in Virginia consider when awarding alimony?

Alimony, also known as "spousal support," can be a sticking point for couples in Virginia who are seeking a divorce. After all, the lesser earning spouse will want to ensure they are left with the appropriate financial resources they need post-divorce. But, the higher earning spouse will also want to ensure that they are not paying so much in alimony that it significantly impacts their financial situation post-divorce. However, it is possible for a fair amount of alimony to be awarded that meets the needs of both parties.

Is it better to keep the home, buy a home or rent post-divorce?

One thing that most Leesburg couples going through a divorce can agree on is that they no longer want to live together. Determining where to live post-divorce is a big decision to make during an emotionally charged period in one's life. It can help for divorcing spouses to take a step back and determine where they will live in a pragmatic matter.

What types of divorce are recognized in Virginia?

As divorce loses its negative stigma, it is becoming more acceptable and commonplace for a couple in a troubled marriage to decide to end their union. However, any divorce in Virginia needs to fall under one of two categories: divorce from bed and board or divorce from the bond of matrimony. Let's examine what each of these categories entails, and what they mean for couples who are seeking to end their marriage.

Don't fall for the following myths about adoption

There are many misconceptions about adoption that potential adoptive parents in Virginia may believe are true, when they are actually false. Virginia residents may want to take note of the following myths about adoption, so they can better understand who can be an adoptive parent in the United States.

Why to execute a prenuptial agreement before your wedding

The New Year is here, and many couples in Leesburg that got engaged in 2017 are finalizing their plans for their 2018 wedding. Whether they plan on marrying on Valentine's Day in February, or whether they are planning for an autumn wedding this year, it is never too late for them to think about their financial futures, both as a married couple and as individuals. While no couple in love can anticipate divorcing, the fact of the matter is that divorce does happen.

An empty nest could lead to the decision to divorce

When people in Virginia make their marriage vows, they do so with the intention that they will be wed to their partner for the rest of their lives. This is true whether a person marries at age 20 or at age 50. While divorce may not seem likely when a couple decides to get married, the fact of the matter is that in our country anywhere from around 40 to 50 percent of married couples ultimately end up divorcing.

Millennials approach marriage and divorce in new ways

Every generation is unique and is shaped by political events, fads and fashions, changing social mores, and more. When it comes to marriage, a person in Virginia might think that young adults, known as "millennials," do not prioritize loyalty in marriage the way that other generations have. They also may think that millennials do not want to adhere to the same traditions as generations past. However, the truth is that even though millennials may put off getting married until they are older, according to some legal professionals, the institution of marriage is still very meaningful to them. That being said, many millennials also realize that life is too short to stay in a troubled marriage that simply cannot be fixed. Generally speaking, millennials who get married do so with the intention of it lasting, but when their marriage hits the rocks they will not put off getting a divorce.

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