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Posts tagged "Financial and Property Issues"

Be on the lookout for hidden assets in your divorce

Finances are often at the heart of many arguments couples have while married, so it should come as no surprise that if a couple decides to divorce, financial issues are still a source of contention. Sometimes, one spouse may even try to hide assets from the other spouse, so they can get the upper hand in the divorce. This is illegal, but it does happen. Therefore, Leesburg spouses should be aware of signs that their spouse is hiding assets.

What factors will a court use in the property division process?

Couples seeking a divorce in Virginia, whether they have been married only a few years or whether they have been married for decades, are faced with decisions about what to do with the property they amassed while married. Who gets the house, the cars, electronics, furniture, artwork and jewelry? Couples seeking a divorce may be surprised at just how much marital property they have that must be divided.

How might a divorce in Virginia affect one's retirement plans?

Couples in Virginia who worked hard for decades at their place of employment look forward to the day they are able to retire. However, sometimes life throws a curve ball, and a couple divorces before they are retired. This could have a significant impact on their retirement plans.

What are some popular methods of business valuation?

Business owners in Virginia may spend many years cultivating what was once a simple "mom and pop" operation into a large, successful business. However, the day may come when a business owner in Virginia wishes to sell his or her business. When this happens, business owners looking to sell their business will need to determine what an appropriate value of the business.

Are construction defect lawsuits just a cost of doing business?

For many Americans, buying a home is part of the American dream. Yet across the country, far too many new homeowners find that dream tarnished by construction defects, even in new construction projects.

Contractors may need to appear before their local zoning board

Although local communities often welcome small business development, such matters typically must go through zoning and land use permitting. In a recent example, Leesburg officials discussed the ratio of commercial to office use in a development called the Village at Leesburg.

Should your estate plan include a 529 educational plan?

An individual may want his or her estate plan to include specific provisions for future educational costs. One of the easiest tools for accomplishing that goal is a tax-advantaged 529 savings plan. Yet according to a recent survey, many Americans are unfamiliar with this option. Today’s post explores the details of how to open, fund and utilize the tax benefits of these plans as part of an individual’s comprehensive estate planning.

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