We Are Aware Of Your Surroundings

Where there is an event, party or holiday there are bound to be police on the lookout for drivers who take their merriment behind the wheel.

Police and courts take drunk driving seriously in Virginia – oftentimes seeking the most severe punishments possible, which puts you in a particularly challenging and overwhelming situation.

You have the right to defend yourself whether you were stopped because:

  • It’s a holiday – such as St. Patrick’s Day, Fourth of July or New Year’s Eve
  • You were near a concert or music festival
  • You left a bar or restaurant
  • Your driving appears to be erratic or reckless
  • You were picked at random during a DUI/DWI stop

Police and prosecutors are not infallible – they too can make mistakes. Don’t let their mistakes lead to serious consequences for you, such as steep fines, mandatory alcohol education programs, the suspension of your license or time in jail.

Creative Solutions And Defense Strategies

Regardless of why you were pulled over and charged with driving under the influence, the team of defense attorneys at Sevila, Saunders, Huddleston & White, P.C., will thoroughly investigate the allegations against you to make sure both sides of the story are being told.

We are committed to you and your best interests, which is why we will develop a defense strategy that makes sense for your situation and offers you the best possible outcome in accordance with the law.

Take Action Now To Protect Your Rights

The longer you wait to talk to a defense lawyer, the more you put your present and future rights at risk. You don’t have to tackle a DUI/DWI charge on your own — put a team of defense attorneys in your corner.

Talk To Us About Your DUI/DWI Charges.

Aggressive Advocacy

Whether you want to settle your charge outside of court or during trial proceedings, we will always provide you with strong, aggressive advocacy throughout the entire legal process.

Committed To Clients

We are sensitive to all of our clients’ needs, which is why we take a pragmatic approach to every case. We are there when you need us, giving you counsel you can trust and rely on.
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