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January 2017 Archives

Must you testify against your spouse in divorce litigation?

The prospect of your spouse testifying against you in a divorce case may be unsettling. Yet for divorcing couples that cannot reach a settlement on one or more material divorce issues, turning to the court for resolution may be the only solution to deadlock.

Is it gambling with your future to tur down a plea deal?

A criminal record is the last thing that a college student needs to think about. Yet that’s the predicament facing one 21-year-old junior at James Madison University. The student, a computer science major, allegedly built a software program capable of stealing passwords. The student sold the software to over 3,000 users, which resulted in about 16,000 reported computer infections.

Property owners must heed land use and zoning regulations

It’s unclear whether the incoming administration will impact environmental enforcement and regulation efforts. When measured against time, however, it seems safe to say that opinions about environmental practices change, and laws are amended to follow suit.

Can grandparents in Virginia seek custody of their grandchildren?

When parents choose to divorce or separate, it isn't just the obvious immediate parties -- parents and children -- who are affected. Other members of the family may be affected as well, including grandparents.

Are drug crime convictions in Virginia unfair?

In recent weeks, the Obama administration has been commuting the sentences of various individuals across the country who are serving time for drug offenses. The administration may be sending a message about the need for sentencing reforms involving non-violent drug convictions.

Hasty decisions that could negatively affect your divorce

The time between a couple or a spouse deciding to divorce and actually finalizing a divorce can be a minefield of bad decisions if people are not careful. In fact, you could be doing some serious damage to your future and your family if you act without thinking in the days, weeks and months leading up to your divorce.

Can foreclosure be a valid commercial real estate strategy?

Predicting the next hot commercial real estate location may seem more like art than science. Industry-specific fluctuations can also make or break a new investment. Vornado Realty Trust, a New York-based Real Estate Investment Trust, or REIT, learned this truth the hard way about a northern Virginia investment property.

Take two, drive and call your lawyer in the morning

As we have pointed out time and again on our blog, driving while intoxicated is considered a serious crime here in Virginia. Most people not only find an arrest embarrassing, it can also lead to serious charges that could lead to jail time, steep fines and the possibility of losing your license.

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