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March 2017 Archives

Parents can help their kids cope with divorce

As we go through divorce, we do everything we can to try to make it easier for our children. We do our best to keep the lines of communication open and watch to make sure there are no negative effects on our kids. Although there is no way to completely shield them from the ups and downs of divorce, we can give them some helpful tips along the way.

Should your estate plan include a 529 educational plan?

An individual may want his or her estate plan to include specific provisions for future educational costs. One of the easiest tools for accomplishing that goal is a tax-advantaged 529 savings plan. Yet according to a recent survey, many Americans are unfamiliar with this option. Today’s post explores the details of how to open, fund and utilize the tax benefits of these plans as part of an individual’s comprehensive estate planning.

Child support enforcement in Virginia

For many divorcing parents, getting a child support order is only the first part of the battle. At some point, the parent who is supposed to pay the child support may stop paying. If this happens to you, you do not have to just accept that. There are several avenues for custodial parents in Virginia to collect unpaid child support.

What happens if I stop making child support payments in Virginia?

There are many reasons why you may be asking the question posed in this headline. Maybe you have hit a financial obstacle that makes it exceedingly difficult to keep up with child support; maybe your ex has told you that missing a payment will mean that you don't get to see your kids anymore; maybe you simply don't want to pay child support anymore.

Beware of hidden covenants in your real estate transaction

One area of due diligence in real estate transactions involves searching for covenants. These are conditions or restrictions that apply to the land, regardless of its ownership. Consequently, liability to perform or abide by the terms of a covenant runs with the land and attaches to all subsequent owners.

Can breath test results be found inadmissiable at a DUI trial?

Many drunk driving arrests begin as traffic stops, with a police officer pulling over a car for reasons such as erratic driving or observed violations of one or more traffic laws. In a recent example, however, an alleged drunk driver brought the attention on himself.

After your arrest, don't answer questions without your attorney

Aggressive prosecutors might assume the worst from circumstantial evidence. They may even be able to convince a jury of an innocent defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Although juries may sometimes get it wrong, do some criminal defendants play a hand in their own wrongful convictions?

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