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August 2017 Archives

Motorcycle accident in Virginia Beach leads to DUI charges

It is important for all drivers in Virginia to be cognizant of other vehicles sharing the road, whether they are as small as a motorcycle or as large as a semi-truck. Care needs to be taken while driving, and most motorists take this obligation seriously. Nevertheless, accidents will happen, some of which could lead to drunk driving charges.

Child support includes meeting child care obligations

Some couples in Virginia decided, while married, that one of them would stay out of the workforce in order to care for the family. Other couples decide that having both parties working is the best choice for them. In either case, after a divorce, a child's custodial parent may find that they have to hold down a job in order to provide for themselves and the child. When this happens, the custodial parent will have to seek out child care for the child. However, how do child care costs affect the amount of child support the noncustodial parent pays?

What factors will a court use in the property division process?

Couples seeking a divorce in Virginia, whether they have been married only a few years or whether they have been married for decades, are faced with decisions about what to do with the property they amassed while married. Who gets the house, the cars, electronics, furniture, artwork and jewelry? Couples seeking a divorce may be surprised at just how much marital property they have that must be divided.

How might a divorce in Virginia affect one's retirement plans?

Couples in Virginia who worked hard for decades at their place of employment look forward to the day they are able to retire. However, sometimes life throws a curve ball, and a couple divorces before they are retired. This could have a significant impact on their retirement plans.

What rights do Virginia juveniles have when accused of a crime?

It is understood that teenagers do not have the same maturity or ability to reason that adults have and, therefore, may make poor decisions. Other teenagers may simply be at the wrong place at the wrong time when a crime is allegedly committed. Still other teenagers, simply because they are teenagers, may be accused of being troublemakers. With all this in mind, when it comes to the prosecution of juvenile crimes, it is not always fair to put a teenager through the same court process as an adult.

Looking for a child custody alternative? Try 'nesting'

Virginia parents who are divorcing may assume that the obvious, and indeed the only, choice they have is to establish two households, wherein the child will shuttle back and forth between, depending on which parent has custody or visitation at the time. That being said, parents getting a divorce also want to minimize the stress the situation causes their child. For this reason, some parents are adopting a rather unconventional child custody arrangement: nesting.

When is it illegal to possess a prescription drug in Virginia?

The advent of prescription drugs is a wonderful thing. For example, prescription antibiotics can save lives. Other prescription drugs can provide relief from innumerable medical conditions, from heart disease to diabetes to mental health issues, and many more. In addition, prescription painkillers can make an otherwise unbearably painful medical condition tolerable.

What does it take to get an annulment in Virginia?

Sometimes couples in Virginia get swept off their feet, and rush to the alter to be married as quickly as possible. However, they may come to the realization soon after the fact that they really never should have gotten married at all. While it may seem like divorce is their only option at this point, in some situations it may be possible to seek an annulment of the marriage.

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