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September 2017 Archives

Shared parenting after divorce benefits children

Most parents in Leesburg going through a divorce want to shield their child from any negative effects of their separation. And, despite any their misgivings, they may wish to put their issues aside and cooperate for the sake of raising their child post-divorce.

Craft a strong criminal defense strategy with the right help

Most people in Leesburg understand that being charged with a felony drug crime can come with serious consequences, including a lengthy prison sentence and a steep fine. However, even misdemeanor drug crimes can carry with them unwanted penalties, such as the loss of one's driver's license, which could significantly impact a person's life.

Be on the lookout for hidden assets in your divorce

Finances are often at the heart of many arguments couples have while married, so it should come as no surprise that if a couple decides to divorce, financial issues are still a source of contention. Sometimes, one spouse may even try to hide assets from the other spouse, so they can get the upper hand in the divorce. This is illegal, but it does happen. Therefore, Leesburg spouses should be aware of signs that their spouse is hiding assets.

Parents may need legal help for their child support issues

While it may take a village to raise a child, in the end, it is the child's parents who are responsible for financially supporting the child. And, as Leesburg parents know, it takes a significant amount of money to meet a child's needs. A baby may need diapers and formula, older children may be constantly outgrowing their pants and shoes, there may be soccer games or ballet lessons to pay for, college savings accounts to be funded, and some kids seem to have a hollow leg when it comes to how much they eat. What it comes down to, is that providing a child with a well-rounded childhood means spending a significant amount of money.

Why would one want to draft a postnuptial agreement?

Couples in Leesburg who are planning their weddings have a to do list a mile long. They're looking for the perfect venue, the perfect dress, the perfect cake and more. One item that they may have left off their to do list, either purposefully or accidentally, is executing a prenuptial agreement. They may have viewed prenups as unromantic and a sign they were not committed to the marriage, or they may have gotten carried away with the whirlwind that surrounds a wedding and simply never got around to it. In either case, are there any options for couples who neglected to execute a prenuptial agreement prior to getting married?

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