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February 2018 Archives

Don't fall for these myths about shared child custody

The standard used by courts in Virginia and nationwide when it comes to making decisions regarding child custody is "the best interests of the child." The idea is that, by focusing on the child's needs, it will help the child transition to life after divorce in a healthy manner. According to research, shared parenting can be preferable in certain child custody situations, absent, of course, abuse or neglect. However, when it comes to making child custody decisions, shared parenting may be shunted to the side in favor of one parent having sole physical custody of the child, limiting the other parent to mere visitation periods. This is because outdated myths surrounding child custody still prevail.

What happens if one must use an ignition interlock device?

When drivers in Virginia are accused of drunk driving, they may rightfully be concerned about what their future holds. After all, there are numerous, undesirable consequences that follow a DUI conviction. One of these is the mandatory use of an ignition interlock device.

Virginia Senate passes medical marijuana expansion bill

Despite the benefits medical marijuana may give to those who are extremely ill, the use of medical marijuana in Virginia is currently very limited. Moreover, those who are caught possessing an illegal amount of marijuana can be charged with a crime, even if they were using the marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Is it better to keep the home, buy a home or rent post-divorce?

One thing that most Leesburg couples going through a divorce can agree on is that they no longer want to live together. Determining where to live post-divorce is a big decision to make during an emotionally charged period in one's life. It can help for divorcing spouses to take a step back and determine where they will live in a pragmatic matter.

Is it too late to formalize a child support agreement?

Many times, couples expecting a child never get legally married. If they split up, they have a lot more leeway to handle matters such as property division and child support compared with married couples. With the right co-parents and the right situation, having this leeway can be amazing.

When can one seek an expungement in Virginia?

When a person in Virginia is arrested and charged with a crime, it is understandable that they do not want that record to haunt them in the future. Therefore, they may seek to have their record expunged. When a person's record is expunged, it means that the records of the person's arrest and the crimes the person was charged with generally cannot be obtained by the public, unless the person wishing to gain access to the record obtains permission from the court. This can be extremely useful when it comes to obtaining a job or housing, two situations in which having a criminal record could impose a severe hardship on a person's life. In what situations can a person seek an expungement of their record?

What types of divorce are recognized in Virginia?

As divorce loses its negative stigma, it is becoming more acceptable and commonplace for a couple in a troubled marriage to decide to end their union. However, any divorce in Virginia needs to fall under one of two categories: divorce from bed and board or divorce from the bond of matrimony. Let's examine what each of these categories entails, and what they mean for couples who are seeking to end their marriage.

When is the use of a credit card a criminal act in Virginia?

People make purchases using a credit card all the time in Virginia, to the point that many people do not even carry cash on them anymore, preferring to buy things with the swipe of a card. However, the use of a credit card becomes a criminal offense in certain situations.

Don't fall for the following myths about adoption

There are many misconceptions about adoption that potential adoptive parents in Virginia may believe are true, when they are actually false. Virginia residents may want to take note of the following myths about adoption, so they can better understand who can be an adoptive parent in the United States.

Statistics on child support show delinquencies aren't uncommon

Child support can be a contentious issue between Virginia parents who are no longer romantically involved with one another. Some may be under the impression that child support guidelines are too high, unnecessarily penalizing the paying parent. However, the statistics on child support in our nation paint a different picture.

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