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September 2018 Archives

When is it illegal to possess a prescription drug in Virginia?

When a resident is ill or injured, they often visit the doctor who prescribes a medication to treat their ailment. It is important, though, that people do not share prescription medications with others or possess them without first obtaining a valid prescription. Doing so is not only dangerous for one's health, but also could be considered a crime.

Focus on the child's needs when making child custody decisions

When parents in Virginia divorce, they will need to execute a parenting plan that addresses when each parent will have the child in their care. If parents cannot reach an out-of-court agreement regarding physical custody of the child, they can turn to the court to have a judge issue an order regarding where the child will live and when. However they are made, these child custody decisions are very important, as they could affect the child for the rest of his or her life.

3 reasons fathers get custody less often

When you and your ex have kids, going through the process of a divorce and a custody battle is a stressful situation. You want to minimize the conflict of the divorce and make the transition as smooth as possible for your children. This leads many dads to wonder whether they have a shot at getting primary custody. You may question this because mothers are typically awarded custody.

With paternity comes certain legal rights and obligations

Having a child out of wedlock is starting to lose its social stigma, and it is not unusual these days for a child in Virginia to be born to unmarried parents. However, when this happens the child's father will have to establish paternity, which will confer upon the father all the legal rights and obligations that come with being a parent.

Virginia is experiencing a backlog in drug testing

In general, when it comes to drug crimes police will seize what they believe to be illicit drugs. These drugs are usually tested to ensure they are what police believed them to be. However, many people in Virginia facing drug charges may find that there is a lengthy wait time for these items to be tested.

Young adults are seeing the benefit of prenuptial agreements

Marriage for many is about everlasting love, but it is also essentially a contract between the two spouses, who, once married, will gain certain rights under the law. Because these rights also extend to the divorce process and its outcome, more people in Virginia and across the United States are seeing the value of executing a premarital agreement (commonly known as a prenuptial agreement) before walking down the aisle.

What constitutes the crime of burglary in Virginia?

Sometimes it seems like "familiar" crimes should be open-and-shut cases. For example, many people have a general idea of what they think burglary looks like. They may picture a thief forcing open a locked door in the dead of night and stealing something therein. However, the actual crime of burglary in Virginia is a lot broader than that.

Determining the child's best interests for child custody purposes

Parents in Virginia love their children, even if they no longer love one another. When divorce is on the horizon, decisions will need to be made on which parent will have custody of the child and when. In Virginia, child custody decisions are made based primarily on what is in the child's best interests. There are numerous factors the court will consider when determining the best interests of the child for custody and visitation purposes.

New tax laws could affect Virginians seeking a divorce in 2019

The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act brought with it many changes to our nation's tax laws, including changes that could affect divorcing couples in Virginia and nationwide. Specifically, these tax laws affect how spousal support, also known as alimony, is paid and taxed.

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