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September 2019 Archives

Understanding grandparent visitation rights

If you have grandchildren, you know how rewarding the grandparent-grandchild relationship can be. After all, you have a lifetime‚Äôs worth of experiences to share with the young ones in your family. Further, research has shown that a close relationship between grandparents and grandchildren tends to reduce both stress and depression symptoms for everyone involved. 

Felony murder rule may ensnare suspected child abuser

Virginia's felony murder rule often seems like a relic of the ancient common law, but the rule can have up-to-date teeth for those accused of a felony in which another person died. The rule may be applied in the recent case of a man who is charged with the sexual abuse and murder of his girlfriend's young son.

Dividing property in a Virginia divorce

When a Virginia couple decides to end their marriage, one of the first questions that must be faced is the division of the couple's assets. This question can be especially vexing when at least one of the partners was previously married or if the couple owns a significant number of assets. Virginia requires that marital property be divided fairly and equitably, and the first step to making that decision is to classify the couple's assets as marital, separate or part marital and part separate.

Modification of an order for child support in Virginia

Many residents of Northern Virginia believe that, when the court issues its final order and decree ending their marriages, no more formal legal proceedings will be necessary. This belief is correct for many couples, but for some individuals, changed circumstance can necessitate a return to court to modify one or more aspects of the judge's child support order.

Family abuse and custody decisions

Virginia courts generally give great weight to allegations of domestic violence (or family abuse, as the phenomenon is called in Virginia), but a recent study appears to indicate that such allegations may backfire against the parent who is alleging abuse by the other parent.

Road rage blamed in shooting incident on I-95

Road rage has become a common phenomenon in Virginia and most other states. Fortunately, the initial burst of anger rarely escalates, and the rage quickly dissipates. When the rage does not fade quickly, however, the original burst of anger can quickly into a serious and life threatening situation. A recent incident in which the driver of a Lexus fired shots at a Toyota Camry demonstrates what can happen.

Alcohol blamed in head-on crash between car and golf cart

Golf carts can be familiar sights on or near golf courses but not usually on municipal streets. When golf carts stray from their usual habitats, the results can be catastrophic both for the cart and the driver. A recent accident in Smithfield demonstrates what happens when a golf cart ventures onto city streets.

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