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October 2019 Archives

The process of challenging field sobriety tests

A DUI charge may be based on something as seemingly straightforward as a field sobriety test, however, there are a variety of ways a field sobriety test may be invalid so it is important for accused individuals facing DUI charges to be familiar with what those are. A strong criminal defense strategy may challenge any field sobriety test conducted so accused individuals should know how to do that.

How can a prenuptial agreement help any couple?

Prenuptial agreements have many important benefits for couples entering a marriage. There are many misconceptions and misunderstandings often associated with prenuptial agreements but they are an excellent family law legal tool to help couples entering a marriage establish property rights for their marriage.

What are the benefits of a prenuptial agreement?

Prenuptial agreements are sometimes misunderstood as only a tool for the wealthy to protect their assets from a soon-to-be spouse. Prenuptial agreements can protect assets but they can do so for both spouses and can provide a variety of other important benefits and protections couples entering a marriage should consider.

Criminal defense protections for serious DUI charges

Drunk driving charges in Virginia can result in serious penalties and consequences that can haunt the accused individual for some time to come. Because of this reality, individuals accused of a DUI should know how to properly defend themselves against the charges they are facing.

How does the best interests of the child help determine custody?

At times, the way that child custody arrangements are reached may seem confusing or unclear to parents which is why it helps for them to understand the standard that guides child custody determinations. The best interests of the child standard guides child custody decisions so parents should understand what the standard means and what it means for them when applied to their child custody situation.

Legal defense options protect against drug charges

Drug charges are serious criminal charges which is why accused individuals need a strong criminal defense strategy protecting them. The benefits of a strong criminal defense strategy can include the possibility that the charges or potential penalties or consequences the accused individual is facing may be reduced or dropped altogether.

What is child custody based on?

Any parent facing child custody concerns may have many different questions on their minds to which they need answers. It can help for parents to know what to expect from the child custody process and how child custody decisions are made.

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