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December 2019 Archives

What is a felony DUI charge?

While any drunk driving charge is serious, felony DUI charges can be particularly serious and carry stiffer penalties and consequences than other types of driving under the influence charges. Because of the serious nature of felony DUI charges, individuals facing them should be familiar with what they are and what they can do about them.

How can mediation help with child custody?

Mediation is an alternate approach to litigation for many divorce-related concerns, including child custody. Mediation can help couples more peacefully and efficiently resolve some of the contentious issues they have to face during their divorce process such as child custody.

Different methods of challenging breathalyzer tests

If a breathalyzer test has led to drunk driving charges, one of the possible methods of challenging the charges may be to attack the validity of a breathalyzer test. Breathalyzer test results can lead to DUI charges, which is why the accuracy of the test results is exceptionally important to the accused driver.

What expenses should child support be used for?

Knowing what child support is intended to cover and what it is not intended to cover can be helpful for both parents receiving and paying child support. Child support is intended for the support of children and children have a right to financial support from their parents.

What is considered domestic violence?

When people hear "domestic violence," they often conjure images of physical violence. While physical violence certainly can constitute domestic violence, the definition of domestic violence is much broader. This means that those who find themselves embroiled in a domestic dispute may find themselves unexpectedly facing criminal charges or being subjected to a protective order.

The basics of juvenile crimes and what to do if charged

Juvenile crimes are important to understand because there is a lot on the line for young people who have been accused of committing a crime. Offenses committed by juveniles are treated somewhat differently than offenses committed by adults, so it is helpful to know the differences between the two types of crimes so that appropriate criminal defense tactics can be developed.

How an uncontested divorce is different than a contested divorce

An uncontested divorce differs from a contested divorce because neither spouse is contesting the divorce. This has important practical implications for the divorcing couple's divorce process that they should understand and be familiar with.

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