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January 2020 Archives

Dealing with retirement accounts during property division

When Virginia spouses choose to divorce, property division can be a complex and important part of the process. After all, the financial consequences of the end of a marriage often linger for some time after the emotional and practical issues have been dealt with. For many married couples, retirement funds are often some of the largest assets they own -- even more valuable than the marital home or other real estate. Many couples may have multiple accounts, including employment-based plans as well as private Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). All of them are typically subject to distribution during a divorce, regardless of the name on any particular account.

Evidence may be considered hearsay

In-court testimony that includes statements made outside of court may be considered hearsay. Generally speaking, hearsay evidence is not admitted in cases that take place in Virginia or other states. However, there are scenarios in which it may be allowed to be heard and considered by a jury. For instance, if a person made a statement to a medical professional at the scene of a crash or some other crime scene, that information could be used in a legal proceeding.

Finances and property division a concern when getting a divorce

Getting a divorce in Virginia will likely create a host of concerns, especially around finances and how the divorce will impact the future of both parties. Whether the couple is simply considering a divorce or is already moving forward with the process, it is wise to think about the financial aspects of a case and the mistakes that others have made.

Postnuptial agreements can add clarity to a couple's finances

Discussing finances can be challenging for some couples. However, it is necessary for them to do so, especially if they want to protect their assets and make sure the assets are passed on to their children. Some Virginia couples have found that a great way to add clarity to their finances is by drawing up a postnuptial agreement.

The benefits of expunction

The expungement, or expunction, process can be of great benefit to individuals who have been convicted of a crime, such as DUI charges, and wish to get some of their rights back. The DUI expungement process can help restore some of those rights the accused individual may have lost during the process and help them face the future on a positive footing free from criminal stigma.

Dividing a family business during divorce

Dividing a family business during divorce can be one of the most challenging and complex parts of the divorce process for a couple that owns a family business. There are several different ways to address division of a family business during divorce that the divorcing couple should be familiar with.

Ways to fight a traffic ticket

Even the safest drivers have the potential to make a mistake. And if they do, there's always a chance that a police officer will catch them. This could result in a traffic ticket and the many consequences associated with it.

Virginia spousal support basics

Spousal support and spousal support requests can be a challenging issue to resolve in any divorce. Because of this reality, it is helpful for divorcing spouses to know how to handle spousal support requests if they come up and how the family law system handles them.

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