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Finances and property division a concern when getting a divorce

Getting a divorce in Virginia will likely create a host of concerns, especially around finances and how the divorce will impact the future of both parties. Whether the couple is simply considering a divorce or is already moving forward with the process, it is wise to think about the financial aspects of a case and the mistakes that others have made.

Virginia spousal support basics

Spousal support and spousal support requests can be a challenging issue to resolve in any divorce. Because of this reality, it is helpful for divorcing spouses to know how to handle spousal support requests if they come up and how the family law system handles them.

Addressing different support concerns during a divorce

There are many different types of support issues that may come up during the divorce process. The family law system provides important resources to help guide divorcing spouses through their divorce and address their child support and spousal support concerns.

How business valuation is handled during property division

Property division during divorce may not always be as straightforward as the divorcing couple would like. When complex or high-value assets, such as a business, are involved, there can be challenges divorcing couples should be prepared for so that they can take them head on and protect their interests.

Dividing property in a Virginia divorce

When a Virginia couple decides to end their marriage, one of the first questions that must be faced is the division of the couple's assets. This question can be especially vexing when at least one of the partners was previously married or if the couple owns a significant number of assets. Virginia requires that marital property be divided fairly and equitably, and the first step to making that decision is to classify the couple's assets as marital, separate or part marital and part separate.

Methods of dividing equity in the family home

Virginia divorce laws require that a couple's property be divided fairly between the spouses. Real estate can be a difficult barrier to reaching this outcome because most real property is illiquid and cannot be easily divided. The family home therefore often presents a special problem because, for most divorcing couples, the family home is their largest single asset.

How do Virginia courts divide marital property and debts?

When Virginia residents begin to consider ending their marriage, one of the first questions is what will happen to the couple's assets and debts. Virginia courts are guided by a legislative enumeration of factors that the courts must consider.

What happens to your mortgage post-divorce?

Occasionally when a couple in Virginia divorces they will agree to sell their family home and divide the proceeds. However, it is often the case that one spouse will keep the family home, especially if the couple has children living there. When this happens, couples will need to decide how to handle the mortgage once their divorce is complete.

Amazon founder settles property division issues in his divorce

Most people in Virginia have ordered something from the online retail giant Amazon at some point in time, and it seems like the company grows in popularity every day. The CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, has recently settled his divorce with his wife, MacKenzie Bezos.

How to prepare for the property division process

When a couple in Virginia decides to end their marriage, they will need to make some important decisions regarding the division of their assets and liabilities. These decisions can affect their entire future post-divorce. It is important for each party to be prepared with the right information before property division negotiations begin.

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