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Posts tagged "Driver's License Suspension or Revocation"

What happens to my vehicle after a DUI arrest?

When you are arrested for an alcohol-related charge, you may wonder just what will happen in terms of your future and the charges against you. You may also wonder what will happen in the immediate future when you are released.

The ignition interlock device

When you are charged with a DUI and subsequently convicted for a second or third time within a decade's span, you face substantially more serious consequences than you may on a first offense. One major adjustment you may struggle with is the enforcement of an ignition interlock device in your primary vehicle and any other vehicle you operate.

Driving on a suspended license could cause major problems

If you were arrested on charges of driving after having too much to drink and you refused to comply with blood alcohol testing, you now likely find yourself without a license. While you know there are ways to be granted approval for driving within certain hours and for certain reasons like employment or school, you may decide it isn't worth it to jump through hoops to obtain a hardship license, especially since you have never been pulled over before.

Will I permanently lose my license after a DWI conviction?

In the state of Virginia, if you are convicted of drunk driving, you may be facing severe penalties. These penalties can include incarceration and hefty fines. Driving while intoxicated is a far-reaching offense. In addition to the sanctions imposed after a conviction, your reputation can suffer substantially, affecting your relationships and future employment prospects. You can also be subject to license revocation or suspension. Losing the right to drive will result in a lack of freedom and hinder your ability in life-changing ways, from things as simple as the inability to run errands, to more significant impacts, such as the inability to travel for work.

If my license was suspended in one state, do I lose it in VA?

A lot of people do not just consider their driver's license to be a way for them to get from here to there. For those that realize it, a driver's license can be a means of freedom if not an extremely important tool used to maintain employment. Losing it, as you can imagine, would almost certainly mean losing your job, in most cases.

If my license was suspended for DUI, can I still drive a moped?

Losing your driver's license because of an alcohol-related offense can be a hard blow, especially for those who rely on their vehicle to get them to and from their place of employment. It's because of this fact that we often get asked questions regarding a person's driving privileges, particularly what they can and cannot operate now that their license has been suspended.

How long will an ignition interlock device remain in my car?

If you've just been convicted of a first-time DUI offense here in Virginia then you know why many people call our state drunk-driving laws some of the toughest in the country. That's because, like so many other people who have been in your position, you're probably facing a court order that is demanding you install an ignition interlock device on at least one of the vehicles you own.

How long will I lose my license if I get a DUI in Virginia?

Whether it's your first DUI charge or you've dealt with others in the past, it's normal to have questions about the criminal charges you're facing and the consequences you might encounter if you are convicted. Most criminal charges can have a significant impact on your life. By asking questions and getting the right answers, you will know what you could be up against down the road.

Ride-sharing services offer choices to avoid loss of license

There are a lot of Virginian's who try to do the right thing and seek a sober ride home after consuming alcoholic beverages. But on busy nights, such as during holiday celebrations or even this past Super Bowl weekend, it can be hard for some people to find a reliable or even affordable ride home.

Is driving after taking a prescription drug illegal in Virginia?

Like many of our surrounding states, Virginia now recognizes the benefits of medical marijuana, which is why our legislature last year passed a house bill that now allows a very small percentage of residents access to medicinal cannabis. But while this new law affects only a small number of people, they all potentially face a serious predicament down the road.

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