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Posts tagged "Drunk Driving Charges"

With school back in session, alcohol dangers abound

There is an annual tradition at the University of Virginia that is known not only to its first-year college attendees but also to locals and students from other colleges as an event not to miss. This fall festivity is a drunken first weekend back at school known as the "Wertland Block Party" and, as the name indicates, it takes place on Wertland Street, near the college campus. Because the party comes with such raucous behavior, the college is cautioning its students and coordinating efforts with those of law enforcement and landlords of the houses on the street as well as the fire department.

Stiff penalties face allegedly drunk driver

There are few things scarier than being arrested and charged for a crime you did not commit. However, if you ever find yourself arrested and charged for a crime you actually did commit, but don't necessarily remember, it may even be worse. It may not be your worst nightmare now, but if it ever were to happen to you, you would likely agree that you were living in your own worst nightmare.

Help when times get tough

There are few things more emotionally daunting than an arrest and subsequently, charges brought against you for something did without malicious intent. For instance, when most people faces criminal charges stemming from driving after drinking, their entire world is turned upside down and the fear of what is known and what is unknown can be paralyzing. This is unfortunate as time is of the essence and the clock is ticking on making major moves that can be major game-changers over the course of the next few months and even years.

The 5 components of VASAP

If you have been charged with a drug- or alcohol-related crime, you probably know that the penalties can be steep. You may have heard of a program called Virginia's Alcohol Safety Action Program but you may not be aware of its purpose or how it might benefit you in the event you are charged with an alcohol-related driving crime. The program is designed to educate drivers and thereby decrease the likelihood of a person operating a motor vehicle while influenced by drugs or alcohol.

What are some reasons you may do jail time for a DUI?

If you've been pulled over, tested and arrested on charges of a DUI, you may have experienced your first taste of being treated like a common criminal. If you have no idea what to expect and fear your freedom could be taken away, it may help to know what charges come with the possibility of jail time as a standard.

How can I fight per se DUI laws?

You were pulled over for suspected drunk driving. Before any other testing, you were given an on-the-spot Breathalyzer test and blew .08 percent. No other tests followed, instead, you were handcuffed and hauled off in a cop car, packed into a holding cell with vagrants and began feeling like the lowest of the low. Now you find you are facing charges of DUI because you were "per se" above the legal limit.

What is the typical penalty for a DUI conviction?

It is a real struggle to wrap your mind around criminal charges if you have never been in trouble with the law. However, once you have crossed that threshold into the land of an arrest and possibly a conviction, you face a new reality. Beyond coping with the immediate fear and feelings of both restriction from freedom and elimination of common courtesy and respect, loom the fallout effects of serious charges and a record.

Proper party planning tips to keep you out of trouble

It may seem like an obvious solution to host a party that doesn't include alcohol if you are concerned that your guests may risk getting in trouble or accidents in their attempts to get home. For whatever reason, if alcohol must be served or is highly preferred, there are steps you could take during the party planning process that your guests are likely to appreciate and may even increase the turnout. After all, haven't you ever declined an invitation because  you were concerned you may have too much to drink and the drive home would be difficult?

Beware: This can lead to enhanced DUI penalties in Virginia

Every driver knows that it is dangerous and illegal to drive under the influence of alcohol. However, we are all human and make mistakes. Some people don't realize they are legally intoxicated; some people decide to take a risk; some people are suffering from an addiction that affects decision-making skills.

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