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Drunk Driving Charges Archives

3 conditions that could be confused for alcohol impairment

Last year, we published a blog post about how drowsiness can sometimes look like drunkenness. In that post, which can be read in full here, we noted that driving while drowsy can make a person drive in ways that mimic intoxicated driving, which can prompt an officer to pull that driver over. While it is not illegal to drive while drowsy, the symptoms can make a driver seem drunk and lead to an interaction with police you'd rather avoid.

Three careers that can be ruined by DUI charges

Everybody makes mistakes. Unfortunately, as you are probably well aware, some mistakes can cost you a lot more than you thought they might. Take for example the decision to drive after drinking alcohol. In some situations, a person may make this decision after waiting a few hours or after assessing their level of intoxication. Whatever is the case, though, this decision can turn into a costly mistake if you are pulled over and it is determined that you are impaired.

How much will a DUI cost me in Virginia?

The first thing most people are concerned about when they are charged with a DUI offense is whether they need an attorney. Then, most people ask the question we've asked in our post title: How much will a DUI cost me in Virginia? In today's post, it's a question we'd like to offer an answer to.

Yes, officer, my body brews its own beer but I'm sober

Imagine that you are pulled over on the side of the road, addressing a potential issue with your vehicle when a police officer pulls up behind you. Nothing strikes you as odd during the initial conversation with the officer until they ask if you've been drinking. Why no, you respond. You haven't had anything alcoholic all day. Suspicious, though, the officer gives you a breath test. What happens next surprises you.

Recent holiday arrests serve as warning for New Year's holiday

This can be a fun time of year, when one holiday comes after another. Where there is fun there is often alcohol, such as at a Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year's Eve celebration. To Virginia police, those alcohol-serving festivities translate into a need for more aggressive DUI enforcement throughout the state.

First-time DUI in Virginia: What can you expect

We all make mistakes. It's a phrase you've probably heard more times than you can count in your lifetime. But while some regard a mistake as something simple and easily forgivable, there are others out there who believe that a mistake can be something major as well.

Increased patrols this season means increased risk of DUI arrest

December is upon us, which means one thing for a majority of Virginians: Christmas and New Year's festivities are just around the corner. Though some people in our state will choose to make this Christmas and New Year's a sober one, some here in Leesburg and across the state may drink alcohol. And while there is nothing wrong with consuming a few alcoholic libations, it's important to remember that Virginia police won't feel the same way if you choose to drink and drive afterward.

Thanksgiving warning: drowsy can look like drunk

Like any other holiday, tradition is a part of Thanksgiving. Friends and families get together to celebrate and give thanks for the good things in their lives. You can find a feast with turkey, stuffing and cranberries on many tables. Sports fans will settle down to watch the Cowboys and the Lions take on this year’s opponents.

What you need to know about your DUI probation

If you're facing your first drunk-driving offense, you may not know that you have options when it comes to the outcome of your case. You could take the plea deal offered to you by prosecutors - even though it's very likely that it's not in your best interests - or you could obtain a skilled criminal defense attorney and see what your other (oftentimes better) options are.

Is driving slowly enough reason for a DUI stop in Virginia?

Did you know that Virginia has the third largest state-maintained highway system in the United States? With more than 57,000 miles of roadway, it'd be unrealistic to expect that any single driver knows every mile. It's because of this fact that a majority of drivers drive slower than normal in areas they are less familiar with. But can driving slowly in an area actually lead to a traffic stop? Let's take a look.

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