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Drunk Driving Charges Archives

Waiting and waiting for a ride home

A Virginia newspaper columnist recently told a story that took place on “one of those traditional drinking holidays.” It was St. Patrick’s Day of last year, she wrote, when she and boyfriend had gone out for a glass of green beer and a nip of Irish whiskey. They planned to then take a taxi home from the pub.

Woman allowed to have her motion to suppress heard in DUI case

It is often worthwhile for a driver to pursue challenges for a DUI even after the court has brought back a conviction. In one matter, a woman prevailed in such a challenge when the case was taken all of the way to the Supreme Court in the state where she resided.

Supreme Court ruling affects DUI rulings almost one year later

The U.S. Supreme Court decision, Missouri v. McNeely, is still having repercussions when it comes to laws concerning driving under the influence.  That matter dealt with a warrantless blood test which allegedly indicated levels of blood alcohol among the driver of above the legal level.  The Supreme Court ruled that blood draws could not be conducted if the individual arrested refused to consent without a warrant or "exigent circumstances."

Drinking alcohol may effect each of us differently

While states like Virginia set 0.08 blood alcohol content as the level for determinations as to whether one can be found legally intoxicated, alcohol affects every driver differently. One study suggested that a single bottle of beer or glass of wine could result in impairment of individuals over the age of 55.

Virginia elementary principal abruptly resigns after DUI arrest

We've long suggested on our blog that the consequences of being charged in Virginia with a DUI can go well beyond the criminal penalties that one faces.  In the case of an Arlington elementary school principal it may have meant resigning from her job.

Challenge to blood-alcohol tests puts 17,000 cases in jeopardy

Though this did not occur in Virginia, one state's experience demonstrates problems that can arise when it comes to DUI cases.  Possible problems in the manner in which blood samples were tested resulted in questions about the validity of these tests in thousands of cases.

The need for competent counsel in DUI cases

While many commentators have suggested that Kerry Kennedy was found not guilty of drug driving due to her family name, she credits her acquittal on that of "competent counsel."  The trial itself lasted four days.  The jury deliberations took less than an hour.

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