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November 2013 Archives

How to guide children through a child custody struggle

Virginia parents who are able to place the needs of their children above their own interests are able to move through the process of divorce differently than those who assume a battle stance. Such parents are able to realize that divorce and child custody issues can provide a valuable learning opportunity for the children who are at the center of these matters. While it can be difficult to reframe the way that we think about these issues, doing so can help children learn positive ways to handle adversity and strife.

What to do when property division includes the family pet

If you’re like most of our readers then you know that property division is an inevitable part of getting a divorce. But while this is often the biggest part of the process, many people may not know what all is covered when property division takes place and how specific wording in state laws can actually create problems down the road.

What is consent regarding alcohol tests continues to be debated

The U.S. Supreme Court decided this past April that warrantless blood draws involving DUI arrests were impermissible without "exigent circumstances."   What precisely is meant by exigent circumstances apparently still is not entirely clear.  The court stated that blood alcohol levels disappearing in the system due to delay in drawing the blood was not in itself one of those circumstances.

Refusal to submit to breath test in Virginia during traffic stop

A Virginia county attorney was charged with a DUI, possession of a concealed weapon while intoxicated and the refusal to take a breath test. It can be argued whether he did the right thing concerning the refusal, but there are concerns about individuals being told to submit to such a breath test without their consent.

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