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Assault charge against judge dropped

Being charged with a crime in Virginia can have long-lasting consequences, so it is important that a person's Constitutional rights are upheld at every stage in the criminal trial process. This means that every person is innocent until proven guilty, and guilt must be proven "beyond a reasonable doubt." If the prosecution doesn't meet this standard, then the charges must be dropped, as one recent case shows.

A Virginia judge had been charged with misdemeanor assault after allegedly grabbing a worker at an area Walmart. The incident began when the accused found some jewelry in the Walmart parking lot. He returned the items to a worker at Walmart and requested a written receipt so he could claim the items if the original owner failed to do so. The worker refused to give the judge the receipt. It was then that he allegedly reached over the counter to try to retrieve the items, and in the process momentarily grasped the worker's hands.

Does one's job increase the likelihood of divorce?

Virginians give their all to their jobs, putting in long hours, so they can see their careers blossom. However, the stress of some jobs can lead to marriage stress. When one is unable to find a work-life balance, their marriage can suffer, which can lead to divorce. But, one statistician examined data from a 2015 U.S. Census Bureau survey to determine which occupations saw the highest divorce rate.

Actuaries saw a divorce rate of only 17 percent. Casino managers, on the other hand, saw a divorce rate of 53 percent. According to the research, those who work in a high-salary profession were less likely to divorce than those who work in a low-salary profession. He does concede, though, that correlation does not equal causation.

2 ways to lessen the impact of a DUI charge

You may be aware of how dangerous it is for you to drink and drive in Virginia. But you may not realize how few drinks it takes for you to become intoxicated and end up with a BAC over the legal limit. And if you happen to have a car accident that ends in someone's death, you could end up with a felony DUI charge

DUI charges are not something you can ignore and assume will go away. Even if you get them reduced or end up with the lightest sentence possible, the arrest and conviction can and will follow you for the rest of your life. Take some time to review the following actions you can take to rebound from this situation. 

When can one seek an uncontested divorce in Virginia?

Some couples in Leesburg who have decided to divorce, have done so relatively amicably. After all, while they may have had many disagreements while married, the one thing that they may finally agree on is that they want their marriage to end. In situations like this, a couple may wonder if they can seek an uncontested divorce. While it is advisable to seek the advice of an attorney before making any divorce-related decisions, if certain elements are met, couples in Leesburg may be able to seek an uncontested divorce.

First, in order to pursue an uncontested divorce, all divorce legal issues must have been agreed upon by both spouses. In addition, the grounds upon which they are basing the divorce must be a "no-fault" divorce. Also, there must either be no request for child support, alimony or child custody and visitation or, if such requests exist, the parties must have resolved such issues through a written and signed agreement.

What are some benefits to child custody mediation?

When it comes to divorce, even parents in Leesburg that don't get along may want to try to resolve their differences in a manner that protects their child as much as possible. For these parents, child custody mediation might be one option to consider. There are several reasons why parents getting a divorce may want to try child custody mediation before heading to the courtroom.

First, unlike litigation that pits one side against the other, mediation is non-adversarial. When parents choose mediation, they are choosing to reach a mutually agreed-upon resolution. This means that each of them might be more willing to compromise, for the sake of reaching an agreement that is in the best interests of the child.

Alternative drug court opens in Virginia Beach

For many years, our nation's criminal justice system was very harsh on those convicted of drug crimes. These people were often incarcerated for many years, and once released from prison, would encounter difficulties in finding a job, a place to live and in general re-entering society.

However, efforts are being made by some jurisdictions these days to try a more rehabilitative approach towards those convicted of drug crimes. For example, Leesburg residents may be interested to hear that the city of Virginia Beach has recently opened a drug court aimed at giving addicts a second chance.

Shared parenting after divorce benefits children

Most parents in Leesburg going through a divorce want to shield their child from any negative effects of their separation. And, despite any their misgivings, they may wish to put their issues aside and cooperate for the sake of raising their child post-divorce.

In fact, one study reports that, unless a parent abuses or neglects his or her child, most children -- even young children -- benefit from shared parenting arrangements. This might not be surprising to some, but it is significant because even in this day and age, in over 80 percent of child custody cases, mothers are given full physical custody of the child.

Craft a strong criminal defense strategy with the right help

Most people in Leesburg understand that being charged with a felony drug crime can come with serious consequences, including a lengthy prison sentence and a steep fine. However, even misdemeanor drug crimes can carry with them unwanted penalties, such as the loss of one's driver's license, which could significantly impact a person's life.

Therefore, it is important to seek the advice of an attorney if you are facing any sort of drug charges. For example, drug possession, drug distribution and drug manufacturing charges can be quite complex. It helps when crafting a defense strategy against such charges to have the help of one who understands the laws involved and how they apply to the facts of your case.

Be on the lookout for hidden assets in your divorce

Finances are often at the heart of many arguments couples have while married, so it should come as no surprise that if a couple decides to divorce, financial issues are still a source of contention. Sometimes, one spouse may even try to hide assets from the other spouse, so they can get the upper hand in the divorce. This is illegal, but it does happen. Therefore, Leesburg spouses should be aware of signs that their spouse is hiding assets.

If you are finding that you are no longer receiving financial statements in the mail, it could be a sign that your ex is trying to hide these assets, or deplete them without you knowing about it. You can call your financial institutions and credit card companies to ask for these statements, so you can keep an eye out for any unanticipated changes.

Parents may need legal help for their child support issues

While it may take a village to raise a child, in the end, it is the child's parents who are responsible for financially supporting the child. And, as Leesburg parents know, it takes a significant amount of money to meet a child's needs. A baby may need diapers and formula, older children may be constantly outgrowing their pants and shoes, there may be soccer games or ballet lessons to pay for, college savings accounts to be funded, and some kids seem to have a hollow leg when it comes to how much they eat. What it comes down to, is that providing a child with a well-rounded childhood means spending a significant amount of money.

When parents are married, they jointly share the responsibility of meeting their child's needs. However, if they divorce, in general, the noncustodial parent will have to pay child support to the custodial parent. These payments are very important, as they are meant to supplement the costs associated with raising a child. Just because parents are no longer in a relationship with one another does not absolve them of contributing to the child's financial needs.

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