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How long will a traffic ticket impact my car insurance in Virginia?

Based on a report by the Department of Motor Vehicles, more than 319,000 speeding tickets were issued in Virginia in 2019 alone. While this is a decrease compared to previous years, the truth is, speeding contributed to approximately 24,000 car crashes that same year which means that excessive speed remains a serious public health and safety issue even if fewer motorists are being cited for this particular behavior.

As a result of the fact that the state takes this reality seriously, if you’re driving in Virginia, paying a speeding ticket will result in immediate consequences, like points on your driving record and an effect on your car insurance rates in the long run. Therefore, understanding how long a traffic ticket will impact your car insurance is crucial for making informed decisions and minimizing the financial impact of this turn of events.

Impact of a traffic ticket

Your car insurance provider will likely be informed about the violation if you plead guilty to a traffic ticket by paying it. As a result, they may reevaluate your risk as a driver and increase your insurance premiums. This initial increase in rates could last for several months or even a couple of years, depending on the severity of the violation.

Thankfully, you can potentially avoid this increase in rates if you successfully fight the traffic ticket before it impacts your insurance. When you receive a speeding ticket, the issuing officer typically takes notes on the circumstances surrounding the violation. You have the right to request a copy of these notes, which can provide insight into the accuracy of the ticket. Any inconsistencies or errors you find can be used to strengthen your case.

Receiving a traffic ticket can lead to increased car insurance rates. But ultimately, you may be able to avoid a rate hike stemming from a recent ticket if you seek the guidance of a legal professional to help you successfully fight the ticket before it can impact your family’s budget now and for months or years to come.

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