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Don’t Sit On Traffic Tickets — Handle Them Now

Have you been arrested for driving on a suspended license in Virginia? Has a series of traffic tickets for speeding or reckless driving put your driving privileges at risk?

You need access to your car or truck, to be able to get to your job and provide for your family. Above all, you need someone on your side who knows traffic law and can get results for their clients, in and out of traffic court.

SSHW — Helping You Handle Traffic Violations Correctly

At the Sevila Saunders Huddleston White, we bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the courtroom on your behalf. We have more than 40 years of experience in most areas of criminal defense, including drunk driving charges and serious traffic violations.

Our team of traffic defense attorneys, which consists of Jon D. Huddleston, William R. Fitzpatrick and R. Penn Bain, includes former prosecutors and a member of the faculty who instructs lawyers throughout Virginia in seminars involving traffic and drunk driving defenses. We know Virginia DUI laws because we wrote the book on DUI defense in our state.

Experienced Defense Lawyers Who Are Here For You

Since 1974, our firm has worked hard to reach favorable outcomes for our clients, whether there were a first-time or repeat offender ticketed or arrested for:

Your License Could Be Affected After A Ticket

In Virginia, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) assesses demerit points for traffic convictions that can affect your insurance premiums and jeopardize the status of your driver’s license. Virginia judges have no authority to change the number of demerit points for a traffic violation or speeding ticket as these points are assessed administratively by the DMV.

To minimize the effect on you, a lawyer from our firm can enter into negotiations with a prosecutor or at trial before the court, hopefully saving your license from a lengthy suspension or permanent revocation.

Don’t Surrender Your Driving Privileges Without A Fight

Talk to the attorneys at our firm in Leesburg to discuss your traffic ticket and the possible effect it could have on your license and driving privileges. Call 703-468-0432 ( toll free 800-239-4122) or send us an email to schedule an initial consultation.

Our office is located next to the Loudoun County Courthouse.