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Modifying A Custody Or Support Order

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People’s situations don’t always stay exactly the same after a divorce. In some cases, people are forced to move to other states because of their jobs. In other cases, a person may struggle to find new work after losing their job.

Whatever is the case for you, are you starting to worry about how the significant change in your life will affect your custody arrangement or support obligation? If so, then talk to the compassionate family law attorneys at S|S|H|W Sevila | Saunders | Huddleston | White.

Seeking Post-Judgment Modification In Virginia

Whether they’re made during an uncontested divorce, through mediation proceedings or with help from a judge, arrangements with a former spouse regarding child custody, child support or spousal support/alimony generally make sense at the time they are made.

But a significant change in circumstances, such as the inability to find work or a parental relocation, can interfere with an ex-spouse or parent’s obligation, which can create serious legal issues if things are not attended to.

Ex-spouses and parents who find themselves struggling to meet their end of an obligation can seek a post-judgment modification in Virginia. This process allows parties to revise the terms of the existing agreement to accurately reflect the current state of things. This could mean:

  • Increasing or decreasing the amount ordered every month in a child support order
  • Increasing or decreasing the amount ordered every month in a spousal support/alimony order
  • Changing the terms of a custody arrangement

Turn To Someone You Can Trust

For more than 40 years, S|S|H|W Sevila | Saunders | Huddleston | White has become a trusted name in the Leesburg area because of the in-depth investigations we do into family law matters and our commitment to resolutions that make sense.

We always strive to find the balance between our clients’ needs and the best interests of their children. We are flexible in our approach and will do what makes sense for the situation. If this means handling matters in mediation or litigation, our lawyers are prepared to take on the challenge of making things right again.

Talk to any of our family law attorneys: Craig E. White, Benjamin Fitzgerald, R. Penn Bain and Heather S. Miller.

We Offer Initial Consultations

If you still have questions about post-judgment modifications in Virginia, contact SSHW to schedule a confidential initial consultation. Call 703-468-0432 or send us an email.