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Giving Clients Peace Of Mind In Domestic Violence Cases

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There are always two sides to every argument. But when that argument involves allegations of domestic violence, determining which voice gets heard can mean the difference between providing legal protection to a victim or causing a wrongfully accused person to face criminal and legal consequences.

At S|S|H|W Sevila | Saunders | Huddleston | White, we believe that all sides of a story should be heard in domestic violence cases. Our team of attorneys give a voice to our clients so that they can tell their story and see that justice is truly served.

Serious Consequences Could Be Ahead

Domestic violence allegations should be taken seriously as they can have an incredible impact on a person’s life. Criminal charges alone bring the threat of fines and jail time, while a conviction could lead to the loss of employment, gun rights, future freedoms and the custody of one’s children.

Protective Orders

In addition, courts in Virginia may grant three different types of protective/restraining orders that can be issued for up to two years. This can create major issues for parents who may still want to be a part of their child’s life but are unable to because of the restrictions in place. A protective order can also have collateral consequences, including loss of gun rights and future criminalization, as well as a potential impact on your family life.

We Address All Allegations, Including False Ones

In some cases, a spouse may try to use a domestic violence allegation as leverage in a contested divorce or custody case, perhaps even making a false allegation just to get a custody result that is more in their favor.

Taking surreptitious means to gain custody in a family law matter only hurts the child and the person being accused, which is why we aggressively fight back against false domestic violence allegations.

Our Defense Team Is Here To Work For You

The experienced team of defense lawyers at S|S|H|W Sevila | Saunders | Huddleston | White are ready and able to defend your present and future rights against damaging domestic violence allegations both criminally and civilly. We will ensure that justice is served and that your rights are not violated in the process.

Our defense strategies are personalized to your situation and we listen to your wishes, which means we won’t take any steps in your case until you give us the go-ahead.

Don’t Hesitate To Fight For Your Rights

To schedule an initial consultation with one of our attorneys, call our Leesburg office at 703-468-0432 or send us an email.