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Drunk driving charges result for Virginia man after damaging ride

Every day, hundreds of individuals are accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances. While it is true that not everyone accused of such a crime is guilty, drunk driving charges alone can have a very negative effect on a young person’s life. This is the lesson that one young man in Virginia is learning after his DUI arrest made the local news.

The 26-year-old Virginia man is facing serious charges following an evening ride that police say left a trail of destruction. The young man was reportedly operating his vehicle erratically, causing damage to a mailbox, landscaping and a telephone box. It is further alleged that the driver was operating his vehicle on the wrong side of the road, causing another driver to be forced off the roadway.

While little information has been provided about the driver’s condition, blood alcohol content levels or other evidence, what is clear is that a conviction of the charges against this young man could change his life. In addition to DUI, the young man has been charged with causing property damage and hit-and-run. Recent reports indicate that he is currently still in jail.

Beyond the potential for developing a criminal record, drunk driving charges in Virginia could cause significant complications with professional and academic pursuits. Fortunately, like anyone in our state and elsewhere, this young man reserves the right to defend himself against these allegations. A strong, well-put-together defense could result in a much more favorable outcome than jail time or lengthy license suspensions, which can often accompany a DUI conviction.

Source: thecarrollnews.com, Hillsville man charged with DUI after wreck Sunday, No author, Dec. 23, 2013

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