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Trip to Virginia McDonald’s results in drunk driving charges

Even when individuals do not feel intoxicated, they may still want to consider the danger of getting behind the wheel of a car if they have been drinking. One Virginia grandmother admits that she used poor judgment when she decided to drive her granddaughters to McDonald’s after she had been drinking vodka. She now faces child endangerment and drunk driving charges, in addition to the possibility that she will lose joint custody of the girls.

The 60-year-old woman went public with her story, telling reporters that she occasionally drinks to dull the pain she suffers as a result of an injury. The day of her arrest, she had been drinking vodka while her granddaughters were at school. That evening, they asked her to take them to McDonald’s, and she had another shot of liquor prior to leaving. She claims that she did not feel inebriated at the time.

On the drive to McDonald’s, she reportedly swerved her vehicle when a lens came out of her glasses. An officer pulled her over a short time later, telling her that someone reported her because she had swerved. According to the police report, she was double the legal limit.

A conviction on drunk driving charges in Virginia may lead to license revocation or suspension, large fines and even jail time. For this woman, it could also have a significant impact on both her and her grandchildren. She may benefit from speaking to someone who is understanding and compassionate about her situation and will work to obtain the most favorable outcome possible.

Source: NBC12.com, Chesterfield grandma accused of driving drunk with grandchildren, Jessica Jaglois, Dec. 11, 2013

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