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Virginia doctor facing drunk driving charges

Virginia residents may be interested to learn of drunk driving charges that were brought against a doctor practicing in their own community. A woman was killed by the doctor who had been drinking before making the mistake of getting behind the wheel. The drunk driving charges have resulted in jailed confinement for the doctor, until he can be arraigned.

The woman who lost her life in the accident was an avid runner and was out jogging when the doctor ran off the road in a curve and hit her. She was transported to a local hospital, but she died soon after arrival. A spokesperson for the hospital where the doctor is employed was unable to comment on the incident in depth because of the open investigation.

The news report did not state anything about the doctor’s condition or his official level of intoxication. Nor did it specify the types of field sobriety or breath tests given at the scene or after he had been placed under arrest. However, the report did affirm that the doctor had also been charged with involuntary manslaughter.

The involuntary manslaughter and drunk driving charges against this doctor are serious and he may feel overwhelmed. He may face fines, suspension of his driver’s license, jail time and, depending on the outcome of his case and the decision made by the victim’s family, payment of financial restitution. No matter how severe his charges, this Virginia doctor still has the right to a legal defense. A strong defense could be his only chance to protect his freedom.

Source: WTVR.com, Doctor arrested after woman killed jogging in Hanover, Scott Wise, Alix Bryan and Tracy Sears, Jan. 13, 2014

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