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Interlock ignition devices increasing in use due to Virginia law

Hopefully we all understand that the consequences of a DUI arrest or conviction can be severe.  Those charged with a DUI can potentially pay thousands of dollars in fines and other penalties, and there is also a chance of spending time in jail.

Virginia already requires first time offenders to have installed interlock ignition devices in their vehicles.  These devices prevent the vehicle from starting should a high enough blood-alcohol level be detected.  As of the beginning of this year there were already 8,961 individuals in the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program who had to have these devices installed.

It is claimed that individuals with the devices installed are far less likely to be arrested again for DUI than those who do not have the device installed.  Whether this is or is not true, this is just one more added cost that comes along with being charged with a DUI.

Because of the harsh punishments one can face due to a purported DUI, it certainly cannot hurt to speak to an experienced DUI Defense attorney in the event of an arrest.  Attorneys can defend each charge and challenge assumptions made by arresting officers that may be incorrect.  Police do not always follow protocol when making an arrest.  It’s also possible that police officers failed to conduct blood or breath tests appropriately.

It’s important to speak to an attorney before making statements to arresting officers or prosecuting attorneys.  It’s possible that one can unintentionally make potentially damaging statements to police officers that could later be used against one in court.

Source: Fredericksburg.com, “Getting There: DUI law tough on offenders,” Scott Shenk, Feb. 2, 2014

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