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Waiting and waiting for a ride home

A Virginia newspaper columnist recently told a story that took place on “one of those traditional drinking holidays.” It was St. Patrick’s Day of last year, she wrote, when she and boyfriend had gone out for a glass of green beer and a nip of Irish whiskey. They planned to then take a taxi home from the pub.

But as the night wound down, they called for a ride home. No taxi came. So they called another cab company and then another. Over a period of two hours, they could not find anyone to send a taxi. Finally, they caught a ride home with a friend. But this can be the type of experience in which a responsible couple, out for an adult drink or two, is tempted to drive home with a blood alcohol level that might result in a DUI arrest if pulled over by the police. 

The incident took place in Virginia Beach, but it could happen just as easily in Leesburg or anywhere in the area. The writer wondered if there shouldn’t be other options available to people who find themselves in a similar predicament.

Because she’s in Virginia Beach, there’s now an alternative to taxis available in the ride-sharing service called Lyft. Cab drivers oppose the new app-based alternative, however, because it can eat into their bottom line. Cabbies also argue that the service, and others like it, should have to operate by the same rules as taxi companies.

While we don’t take a position on Lyft or similar services, we do understand that sometimes responsible people are tested by circumstances and wind up facing the harsh penalties that can accompany a DUI in Virginia. An experienced DUI attorney can help them explore available legal options. 

Source: PilotOnline.com, “Va. Beach cabs can be hard to come by,” Kathy Adams, May 19, 2014

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