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Might a divorce party help me get over my marriage?

Many of our readers probably have heard of “divorce parties” by now. For those who have not, a divorce party is just what it sounds like: a social gathering of friends and family to celebrate the end of a marriage.

Divorce is often a painful event, especially if you did not want the marriage to end, or were not the cause of the split. So it may seem strange that more and more people are choosing to throw a party to mark the occasion of their divorce being finalized.

But for many people, having a divorce party is more than gallows humor. It can bring closure, and it surely could be better for your mental health than being alone. The party can also be a place to get all the awkward conversations, with friends who don’t know what to say, taken care of all at once.

Divorce parties are a growth industry, with many professional party planners now offering their services for this type of event. For those with the means, it is possible to spend as much money on a divorce party as they did on their wedding. And bakers have joined in too, with elaborate designs, some of them darkly funny. If you would like to see a groom or bride, symbolizing your former spouse, lying in a pool of blood at the bottom of your cake, that can be arranged.

Finally, if your divorce was emotionally difficult, painful and exhausting, when it is over, that could be something to celebrate.

Admittedly, divorce parties are not for everyone, but everyone should get knowledgeable legal advice during their divorce.

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