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Virginia named 12th-lowest in divorced population percentage

Being in 12th place is nothing to write home about in most competitions, but this may be good news, depending on your point of view: Virginia has the 12th-lowest population of divorced people in the United States.

This statement comes from a report by WTVR-TV, which recounted a study conducted by FindTheHome, an Internet real estate finder. Its findings come from the 2013 American Community Survey, and compares each state’s total population with the percentage of residents who have gone through divorce.

Virginia comes in 12th, with 9.9 percent of its 8.1 million residents being divorced. The state with the lowest percentage of divorced residents was New Jersey, at 8.5 percent. The WTVR story only goes down to 18th place, which is held by Iowa. Around 10.7 percent of that state’s population has been divorced.

Some may view this as a good sign for Virginia. It could mean that more couples are able to fix the problems in their marriages without having to turn to divorce. On the other hand, ending your marriage should be an option for everyone, for whatever reason.

Though few take divorce lightly, there may be no other choice. Perhaps your spouse is unfaithful or abusive. Or maybe you simply need not to be married anymore.

No matter the reason, each spouse will probably need the help of an experienced attorney. The spouses will want to get their fair share of the marital property. If they have children together, child custody and child support will also be important issues to resolve.

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