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DUI expungement in Virginia: challenging but not impossible

The famous English poet Alexander Pope once proclaimed that “to err is human, to forgive divine definition. All people commit sins and make mistakes.” While this certainly applies in a religious setting, one can’t help but see its application to people who have broken the law and are now facing criminal charges as a result.

Sometimes people simply make mistakes. Take for example drinking and driving. In some cases, a person may have thought that they were fine to drive when in fact they were not. In other cases, an individual may have miscalculated the risk of driving a short distance while intoxicated. Whatever the reason, in many cases, those charged with a first-time DUI typically regret the mistake they have made and oftentimes want to move on from it if they can.

Unfortunately, our state’s DUI laws make it difficult for a person to move on with their life if they have been charged with a drunk-driving offense. For those who don’t know, DUI convictions can remain on a person’s criminal record for years, creating major problems if another DUI conviction occurs while the first one is still visible to police. DUI expungements are also very difficult to get too and not always possible in every situation, which is something we talked about in a blog post last month.

That’s not to say that a DUI expungement isn’t possible, it just takes an understanding of the law, your rights, and some much needed help from a skilled DUI attorney.

Because the attorneys here at Sevila, Saunders, Huddleston & White, P.C. understand how DUI expungements work in Virginia, they know how to explain the law to clients who just want to move forward with their life instead of being constantly reminded of a regrettable mistake. Our attorneys are also incredibly helpful before a court decision is even made, giving clients the assistance they need to put forward the best criminal defense and protect their rights at every opportunity.

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