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3 situations that can force a change in child support

When it comes to child support, the paying spouse may think that he or she is locked into an ironclad agreement that will never be changed under any circumstance. The monthly figure you pay will be your responsibility until the support agreement is fulfilled, and that’s just the way it is.

However, that is completely false. Child support is a court order handed down by a judge, and the paying spouse can appeal to the judge to change the provisions involved in the support agreement. There are a few typical scenarios that arise in a person’s life that can necessitate changing the support agreement, so let’s take a look at them.

Moving to a different state is one situation that can force someone to request a modification of the child support agreement. Moving could be for a new job, the needs of family, or a variety of different reasons, and any of these situations could affect your ability to pay child support.

Speaking of jobs, this is a common reason people request a change in child support. Maybe you just got a new job that pays you more than before. Maybe your current job cut your income. Or maybe you recently lost your job. All of these scenarios  will greatly affect your income and, thus, your ability to pay your child support obligations.

Last but not least, if you or your former spouse remarries, this can trigger a change in your child support agreement. Discuss things with your attorney to ensure you are handling your child support situation as best as you can.

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