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Recent holiday arrests serve as warning for New Year’s holiday

This can be a fun time of year, when one holiday comes after another. Where there is fun there is often alcohol, such as at a Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s Eve celebration. To Virginia police, those alcohol-serving festivities translate into a need for more aggressive DUI enforcement throughout the state.

In a recent post we discussed how the number of highway patrols is increased during the holidays. As an update to that post, we can now share that according to news reports, just during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, police made 145 DUI arrests. That is an increase compared to the year before.

What does this drunk driving arrest trend mean for our readers? First, it means that there are at least 145 DUI suspects out there who are now struggling with the harsh realities of being charged with DUI in Virginia. Also, it means that an increased presence of police during the holidays does mean more arrests.

With New Year’s celebrations having just occurred over the long holiday weekend, police already took to the roads at least as aggressively as they did over Thanksgiving. Will the increased patrols mean another 100 plus arrests? Possibly. And with that risk lingering over Virginians’ heads, we hope local drivers took care, of course, not to drive drunk.

But they should also remember their rights and how to try to serve their best interests in the face of a DUI stop and/or arrest. Saying less can mean more in regards to benefiting your case, at least without the presence of a trusted DUI defense lawyer. Noting details of your traffic stop, the investigation and arrest is also important because that information can be invaluable to your attorney when laying out your defense.

Though being charged with DUI might feel like a big letdown when starting 2016, don’t let the emotions of the event set you up for further letdowns. An arrest and charge do not mean you are guilty. An experienced DUI defense team will remind you of that and fight to protect your name and future.

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