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Ride-sharing services offer choices to avoid loss of license

There are a lot of Virginian’s who try to do the right thing and seek a sober ride home after consuming alcoholic beverages. But on busy nights, such as during holiday celebrations or even this past Super Bowl weekend, it can be hard for some people to find a reliable or even affordable ride home.

Impatient and unwilling to pay exorbitant taxi fees, some intoxicated individuals might make the wrong decision on nights like this, choosing instead to drive themselves home. But this decision is not only dangerous, it can potentially cost the driver their license if they are pulled over and charged with a DUI.

It’s situations like this that ride-sharing programs like Uber and Lyft say they have started to prevent in Virginia, a recent WAVY article explains. According to data presented in the article, alcohol-related crashes are down in our state. Some experts believe it’s because ride-sharing programs offer safe alternatives to intoxicated individuals, ultimately saving drivers from the costly consequences of an alcohol-related crash or a drunk driving charge down the road.

The cost of losing your license

The safety of ride-sharing programs and the ultimate benefit of avoiding a license suspension or revocation because of a DUI charge may come as incredible news to many of our more frequent readers. As we have said before on our blog, losing your driver’s license can be incredibly problematic, especially for individuals who need their license for their jobs or simply to get to and from work.

By using other options, like ride-sharing programs, Virginia drivers can do the right thing and potentially avoid this problematic outcome as well.

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