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If my license was suspended in one state, do I lose it in VA?

A lot of people do not just consider their driver’s license to be a way for them to get from here to there. For those that realize it, a driver’s license can be a means of freedom if not an extremely important tool used to maintain employment. Losing it, as you can imagine, would almost certainly mean losing your job, in most cases.

It’s because of this harsh reality that we ask this question: If my license was suspended in one state, do I lose it in VA? For those of our readers who travel out of state for business or for pleasure, this question is an important one to know the answer to because it can lead to issues if you’re not aware of it.

Just like every state in our nation, Virginia is in compliance with the Driver License Compact, which is an intestate agreement that allows the exchange of information regarding traffic violations, license suspensions and revocations between state agencies. This means, of course, that whatever may have happened in Vegas may not necessarily stay in Vegas if your license was taken away or you were charged with a traffic offense or a DUI.

So what does this mean for Virginia drivers? Well, the DLC is very clear: your residence state may choose to treat your license suspension or revocation in another state as if it happened in your residence state. This means if you lose your license due to suspension or revocation in nearby Maryland or West Virginia, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles may also suspended or revoke your driver’s license here. This would mean, of course, that you would need to meet Virginia state requirements to regain your driving privileges, even though another state was responsible for the loss of your driving privileges in Virginia.

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