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Proper party planning tips to keep you out of trouble

It may seem like an obvious solution to host a party that doesn’t include alcohol if you are concerned that your guests may risk getting in trouble or accidents in their attempts to get home. For whatever reason, if alcohol must be served or is highly preferred, there are steps you could take during the party planning process that your guests are likely to appreciate and may even increase the turnout. After all, haven’t you ever declined an invitation because  you were concerned you may have too much to drink and the drive home would be difficult?

Charges relating to drunk driving are serious and Virginia has some of the toughest laws in the nation. So if you want to host a party that serves alcohol, make sure  you have an appointed driver to take everyone home. This can be done by taking party-goers keys at the door and calling a cab or by having a sober driver deliver them home and have another driver follow with a return vehicle. Your level of effort depends upon your preference and resources, but taking the keys and eliminating the risk of a driving-related alcohol charge is vital.

You can also serve foods that are not sweet. Sugary foods are less likely to absorb the alcohol in your system than foods higher in protein and carbohydrates. Also, offer drinks that are nonalcoholic as well as drinks that are low in alcohol content. If someone is demonstrating clear signs of inebriation, stop serving them alcohol. They may not even notice their drink is less potent.

Showing concern for your guests goes far. If you or any other guest has ever faced alcohol-related charges you are likely to appreciate the effort even more. If despite your best efforts, someone is charged with driving under the influence, a Virginia DUI attorney should be able to analyze the circumstances around your case and work with you to garner the best possible outcome.

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