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Will I permanently lose my license after a DWI conviction?

In the state of Virginia, if you are convicted of drunk driving, you may be facing severe penalties. These penalties can include incarceration and hefty fines. Driving while intoxicated is a far-reaching offense. In addition to the sanctions imposed after a conviction, your reputation can suffer substantially, affecting your relationships and future employment prospects. You can also be subject to license revocation or suspension. Losing the right to drive will result in a lack of freedom and hinder your ability in life-changing ways, from things as simple as the inability to run errands, to more significant impacts, such as the inability to travel for work.

There is hope, however, that you may be considered for conditional licenses. This is where you may be eligible for restricted driving privileges, for example, the courts may grant you a conditional license which enables you to operate a vehicle only for the purpose of getting to and from work. Many factors play a role in determining your eligibility for a restricted license, such as the nature of your suspension or revocation. These conditional licenses may even be granted if this is not your first offense. However, there will be other factors considered, such as the length of time between offenses.

It is important when facing drunk driving charges, to have an experienced defense attorney who will represent you effectively, and protect your rights. An experienced attorney will have knowledge of legal procedures such as sobriety tests, and the flaws in the system that may help in your defense.

By hiring a skilled defense lawyer to represent you, they may help protect your future, and may also be able to prevent you from losing your freedom due to driver’s license suspension or revocation. Before talking to police, or anyone who may be involved in bringing charges against you, consult with a law firm that will work aggressively in your defense.

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