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What is the typical penalty for a DUI conviction?

It is a real struggle to wrap your mind around criminal charges if you have never been in trouble with the law. However, once you have crossed that threshold into the land of an arrest and possibly a conviction, you face a new reality. Beyond coping with the immediate fear and feelings of both restriction from freedom and elimination of common courtesy and respect, loom the fallout effects of serious charges and a record.

If you have never been arrested on a DUI charge and you are now facing  such an alcohol-related driving charge, you probably are wondering what the most common penalties are and what the range is on those penalties. While a standard DUI is a misdemeanor upon first offense, it can carry a fine somewhere between $250 and $2,500,

The Class 1 Misdemeanor conviction could remain on your record for the length of your lifetime and based upon your blood alcohol level, you could receive higher penalties for a higher BAC. With a BAC measuring at 0.15 or above, you might face a minimum jail sentence of five days and on the maximum end, you may be sentenced to jail for 30 days. In such a case as the higher BAC offense, you could also lose your license to drive for a year.

This is one area where you don’t want to leave your sentence to chance. A Virginia DUI attorney will be able to assist you in understanding the charges against you and from there may determine whether your charges could potentially be reduced or eliminated.

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