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The 5 components of VASAP

If you have been charged with a drug- or alcohol-related crime, you probably know that the penalties can be steep. You may have heard of a program called Virginia’s Alcohol Safety Action Program but you may not be aware of its purpose or how it might benefit you in the event you are charged with an alcohol-related driving crime. The program is designed to educate drivers and thereby decrease the likelihood of a person operating a motor vehicle while influenced by drugs or alcohol.

The VASAP programs adhere to five target area focuses. Those are:

  1. Public awareness. VASAP strives to inform the public of the costs and dangers associated with drinking and driving.
  2. Enforcement. VASAP provides training to law enforcement officers on how to spot and apprehend possible offenders of alcohol-related driving crimes. VASAP also provides high-tech equipment to aid in the efforts to eliminate alcohol/drug-related accidents.
  3. Adjudication. VASAP cooperates with the courts and prosecutors to ensure people convicted of a DUI are sent to probation at VASAP. When the convicted person fails to complete probation requirements, VASAP partners with the court to initiate appropriate procedures for probation revocation.
  4. Offender intervention and case management. Classification is given to every case by a case manager in order to best identify the needed level of treatment and/or education, ensuring all requirements of probation have been satisfactorily met.
  5. ASAP evaluations and certifications. ASAPs have shown much effectiveness and aren’t costing tax payers money. They operate entirely on attendee fees and grants from government and so VASAP ensures they are effective and efficient in servicing the community.

To find out how the VASAP program can work for you, you may want to reach out to a Virginia criminal defense attorney. He or she can answer questions and provide insight on your situation.

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