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The ignition interlock device

When you are charged with a DUI and subsequently convicted for a second or third time within a decade’s span, you face substantially more serious consequences than you may on a first offense. One major adjustment you may struggle with is the enforcement of an ignition interlock device in your primary vehicle and any other vehicle you operate.

This can spell trouble if operating a motor vehicle plays into any part of your routine at your place of employment. The ignition interlock device requires the driver of a vehicle to blow into it before the car becomes operable.

If you decide to operate any vehicle without the ignition interlock device installed in it and you are caught, you will be held in violation of the conditions of your privileges for driving as set by the court or the Department of Motor Vehicle or both. You will have your license revoked for a period of one year.

If you are found guilty of driving without the court or DMV-ordered ignition interlock device installed in your car or the vehicle you are operating on more than one occasion, you may find your license is completely revoked for a period of three years.

If you have conditions surrounding your driving privileges,  you may benefit from working with your DUI attorney in Virginia to determine what options you may have available that may work better for you and not hinder your occupation or your life in too debilitating of a manner. Your attorney may be able to find alternate solutions to reduce or eliminate many issues surrounding your punishment, should you be found guilty.

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