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Hasty decisions that could negatively affect your divorce

The time between a couple or a spouse deciding to divorce and actually finalizing a divorce can be a minefield of bad decisions if people are not careful. In fact, you could be doing some serious damage to your future and your family if you act without thinking in the days, weeks and months leading up to your divorce.

Below are some of the hasty decisions people often make in the heat of an argument, which can ultimately have negative repercussions that last long after a divorce is finalized.

  1. Moving out: In some states and under certain circumstances, moving out of a marital home without setting mutually agreeable terms could be considered abandonment. It could also make it easier for the spouse who stays put to engage in destructive behavior like changing the locks, hiding or damaging assets, or keeping a parent from the kids.
  2. Venting on social media: It can feel very cathartic to talk about the pain and hardship you are struggling with in the shadow of a divorce. However, spilling details of the split or making inflammatory comments about your ex on sites like Facebook can be counterproductive. Instead of getting the support you’re looking for, you could wind up making yourself look vindictive and impulsive.
  3. Making any significant purchases: Marital assets will be split in a divorce, and this can be scary to some people. But responding by spending a lot of money, racking up debt, buying things that cannot be split or otherwise using shared property irresponsibly could be a very expensive mistake with very serious consequences.

Tensions and tempers are typically running high when two people are at the end of their marriage. Feelings are hurt, people are scared and the future is unknown, which can lead to some hasty, misguided decisions. Before you act, take a breath, think through the situation and consider what alternatives might be preferable.

Rather than put your parental rights, reputation and financial future in jeopardy because of a bad judgment call, it would be wise to instead consult an attorney to discuss things you should and should not do in the days ahead. Knowing your rights and the consequences of certain actions can help you avoid costly mistakes and protect yourself and your family.

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