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Motorcycle accident in Virginia Beach leads to DUI charges

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2017 | DUI/DWI

It is important for all drivers in Virginia to be cognizant of other vehicles sharing the road, whether they are as small as a motorcycle or as large as a semi-truck. Care needs to be taken while driving, and most motorists take this obligation seriously. Nevertheless, accidents will happen, some of which could lead to drunk driving charges.

A recent accident between an automobile and a motorcycle, in which the motorcyclist was left with a traumatic brain injury has led to accusations of drunk driving against the woman operating the automobile. The incident took place in Virginia Beach.

According to police, the woman, age 58, had a blood-alcohol concentration two times the legal limit when the incident occurred. She was driving westbound, stopped at a stop sign and then proceeded to go through the intersection. At that time, a motorcyclist driving southbound, who allegedly had the right-of-way, struck her vehicle.

The force of the impact ejected the motorcyclist from his vehicle and rendered him unconscious. Per court documents, in addition to the traumatic brain injury, he also broke his leg, fractured his spine and suffered internal bleeding.

The woman did say that she consumed wine before getting behind the wheel. A field sobriety test was performed, which she allegedly did not pass, and a breath test showed that her BAC at the time of the incident was reportedly 0.152 percent. She is now facing DWI charges, and she may face further charges depending on the state of the motorcyclist’s injuries.

The charges this woman faces are undoubtedly serious. Not only is she already facing drunk driving charges, which could result in fines, jail time and the loss of her driver’s license, but she could face more serious charges depending on the fate of the motorcyclist. In situations like this, it is imperative that the accused understands his or her legal rights, so he or she can make informed choices and prepare a solid defense tragedy.

Source: southsidedaily.com, “Police: Woman blew 2 times legal limit hours after crash; motorcyclist suffers brain injury,” Aug. 14, 2017

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