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When is it illegal to possess a prescription drug in Virginia?

The advent of prescription drugs is a wonderful thing. For example, prescription antibiotics can save lives. Other prescription drugs can provide relief from innumerable medical conditions, from heart disease to diabetes to mental health issues, and many more. In addition, prescription painkillers can make an otherwise unbearably painful medical condition tolerable.

However, it is important to note that possessing a prescription drug in some cases can be against the law in Virginia. Per Virginia Statutes section 18.2-250, it is against the law for someone to knowingly or intentionally possess a prescription drug unless they have a valid prescription for it. Therefore, if a person possesses a prescription drug that was not prescribed to them, this is against the law. The penalties associated with the violation of this statute can range anywhere from a Class 4 misdemeanor to a Class 5 felony, depending on the type of controlled substance the prescription drug falls under.

There is an exception, however. It will not be presumed that a person knowingly or intentionally possessed a prescription drug simply based on the premises or vehicle in which the prescription drugs were found.

No one can deny that prescription drugs are one of the miracles of modern medicine. They can cure infections, prevent disease and ease pain. However, it is important to recognize when it is legal to possess prescription drugs and when it is not. If a person in Virginia has questions about this topic or is facing prescription drug charges, they can consult with an attorney, as this post does not constitute legal advice.

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