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Are there clues that indicate a greater likelihood of divorce?

When two people in Virginia get married, they are usually in love with each other and anticipate sharing their lives “until death do us part.” However, the reality is that not every marriage is meant to last. This may lead some to wonder, are there some factors that indicate that a couple is more likely to divorce?

First, according to one study, people who wed while they are teenagers or wed when they are age 32 or above may be more likely to divorce. For example, after a person reaches age 32, the chance that their marriage will end in divorce goes up approximately 5 percent annually. Also, another study reported that the chance an opposite-sex couple will divorce went up when the age difference between partners was greater. For example, couples who only had a one-year age gap were 3 percent more apt to end their marriage in comparison to married opposite-sex couples who were the same age. However, when the age gap was 10 years apart a married opposite-sex couple was almost 40 times more apt to divorce.

When it comes to financial factors and divorce, one study found that it was the division of labor rather than financial circumstances that had an effect on the likelihood of divorce. The study showed that if a husband was not employed full-time, there was a 3.3 percent chance the couple would end their marriage the next year. For couples in which the husband did work full-time, that number sat at 2.5 percent.

If one spouse held the other spouse in contempt, this could also lead to divorce. For example, if a spouse believes their partner is beneath them, if they criticize their partner, if they get defensive during arguments or if they stonewalled conversation when fighting, this could lead to divorce. Also, if a spouse holds their marriage in a negative light, this might also indicate divorce is on the horizon. For example, if they have negative things to say, are disappointed in the union or believe their married life is chaotic, they may be more apt to divorce.

Of course, these are only behaviors that may indicate divorce — they are not certainties. No one can predict what the future brings, and while some marriages are best ended in divorce, others can be saved. Still, if your marriage is rocky, it may be a good idea to make sure you understand your options.

Source: Business Insider, “7 things science says predict divorce,” Shana Lebowitz, Oct. 27, 2017

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